A Picnic

A user sat in front of the screen,
A login wall blocking the dream,
To access the content, they longed to see,
But alas, no account could they set free.

The world behind the wall, so bright,
A treasure trove of knowledge and insight,
But for this user, it was out of sight,
Their frustration growing with all their might.

They tried to sign up, but to no avail,
The login wall was strong and wouldn't pale,
Their efforts seemed to be in vain,
As they were left with nothing but pain.

Oh, how they wished for a way in,
To explore the world without this spin,
But the login wall was just too strong,
Keeping them out, all day long.

And so they sat, with a heavy heart,
Watching others play their part,
But in the end, they knew it was not their fault,
For the login wall had them caught.

But even though they couldn't join the game,
They didn't let their spirits wane,
For they knew that there was still much to gain,
Maybe they could contact the person, behind the name